Monday, April 9, 2012


Do any of you use Squidoo? If you don't know what Squidoo is, it is a place you can go to write about or promote on specific topics. I am really starting to enjoy it. It is somewhat like a blog in that you can go and add content as you wish. It is really good for me since I am so random in what I like to talk about. I can start a "lens" on different topics and not appear to be so random as I just go back to that specific topic when I am ready to talk about it again or I can set it and forget it for awhile if need be. The best part of Squidoo? You can make money! It's slow getting started but some dedicated people make a full-time income!!!

Here are my current Squidoo Lenses:

Monkey Themed Nursery
Unique Gifts For Kids