My Favorite Things

This page will be dedicated to some of my favorite things or those things that I really wish I could have!  I will place links to other pages which may be affiliate links but I mostly want others to enjoy or see the things that I enjoy.
I have terrible back issues with spasms and trigger points all over. Some days it's all I can think about. This massagechair is a dream of's going to take a LONG time to save for it but it's one of those things on my wish list anyway!


I REALLY need to do this soon!  I have SO many pictures and random videos and they are in different computer files, some internet storage, some actual photos which are also in different areas throughout my house. It would be so nice to have them all in one place!  Check it out!

iMemories - Preserve Your Memories on DVD


I absolutely adore personalized cards for holidays, birthdays, and any other reason you would need to send a card.  I feel it makes it so much more special.  Visit Tiny Prints and check out how adorable these are! Personalized Greeting Cards from Tiny Prints.


The toys at this site are super cute and different than your average discount superstore!  Check them out at A Rocking Horse To Love.