Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Times

This past week has been a whirlwind for our family!  My parents came for a visit (they live about 14 hours from us so we only get to see them 2-3 times a year) and the kids had a blast with their grandparents. It was nice for my husband and I as well since we got a date night out of it.  Also, my mom is so much better at keeping up with laundry and dishes than I am so I get a fairly clean house for a few days when they are here!

My son (I will call him Buddy for the purposes of this blog), who is 5, thinks that every time my parents come they have to take him to the local children's museum.  However, he called it the dinosaur center instead of the museum.  All I heard all week is "are we going to the dinosaur center today?"  Finally, on their last full day here we went.  My daughter (Ladybug), who is 2, is just now really getting to know grandma and grandpa. She has learned that if she grabs their hand and tells them to "c'mon" they will pretty much go and do whatever it is she wants.  She has them wrapped around her little finger!

We also bought a car this week and are in the process of selling one of our other cars so dealing with all that has been interesting.  Not something I really care to do very often but since we are trying to lower our debt, this is one of the things we felt we had to do.  We are selling a car we still owe a lot of money on, buying an older but still running car for about $5,000 less than we owe on our other car.  This way we will have it paid off sooner.  Luckily, my husband is pretty handy and can fix a lot of the things that go wrong with an older car.

My work computer also crashed this week.  That's always great when you work from home(*note the sarcasm*).  No work computer=not working my shift=no pay.  That is not good.  Hoping the new computer gets here before my scheduled shift Monday evening!

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