Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Down To Business

As you can tell from my advertising on the side, I have started an Etsy shop for my children's wall art.  This is something I really enjoy when I do it but when I don't have many orders and I stop working on it awhile then it is really hard to get back into it once I stop!  I guess it's kind of like exercising, when I'm doing it and I get into it I really enjoy it but when I stop for a few days then it's almost impossible to start up again!  Ok, that's a really bad example as I would much rather paint than exercise!!

My Etsy shop has sold absolutely nothing as of this time today.  I know I don't put the time or the energy into advertising it.  I also don't have enough items listed.  I have sold my paintings in other ways such as through Facebook.  I think if I just keep plugging along and actually put some effort into it, I might get somewhere!  But how to focus on doing this? Same with the blog.  I would love for this blog to go far and wide but it also takes a lot of effort!  I'm still learning the ropes and when I figure them out, maybe I'll put those steps into an ebook or something.  It's all babysteps but I hope to eventually make enough money to quit my day job!  

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