Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Couch to 5k....should I try it?

So I REALLY need to get in shape.  I've never been one of the skinny girls in life, so I'm fairly certain I never will be.  However, I would like to get into shape, lose a little weight (I still carry and extra from both my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter).  My husband really needs to get in shape too.  However, time is a problem in this house for some reason!  I think it's because we might spend too much time with our friend, technology!  No, I'm not sitting on my butt typing this right's just your imagination!! :)

So this couch to 5k thing sounds like a kind of good idea as I 'think' I could get my hubby on board to do it with me.  And when I say couch...I pretty much mean it in this instance.  My "exercise" consists of cleaning the house a bit everyday (which still seems to be a mess most of the time as I can't keep up with these kids), keeping up with the kids (which really should be considered as some form of exercise), and an occasional dance party with the kiddos.  Sometimes, I get really motivated and try a Jillian Michaels's video once in awhile...if I could stick with those, the weight would come off really fast!  Unfortunately, she's not really here at my house, and her video threats just don't seem to be as effective.

So, couch to 5k starts off in what seems to be a fairly easy routine.  My current problem is the nasty winter weather.  I absolutely DESPISE cold weather. In fact, I am currently researching jobs for my husband in the more southern and/or warmer states (he is an audio engineer by degree, flight simulator technician by trade if any of you know of any jobs out there)!! I have no treadmill and really don't want to pay for a gym membership to run on a treadmill.  So I'm trying to figure out if making this commitment is even going to work out in the winter months....maybe I can run with the Wii...but not sure that would be as effective.

Has anybody else tried this routine??  If so, did you stick with it and get results?  Would love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. I have this dream to keep fit on a daily basis, but it never happens! I'd love to be motivated and lose weight. Maybe one day...

    Found you on seriousmrse blog hops.

  2. I's SO hard to just do it and find the time. I think I've just got to not worry about the house or all my internet surfing and do it. I actually got out in the 40 degree rain today for day #1 and survived! So maybe I can stick with it, it was kind of fun in a way and I feel great afterwards! But tomorrow we are supposed to have blizzard weather so day #2 won't happen then! :) Thanks for following, will follow back! :)

  3. I am totally debating this as well. I have been going to the gym for the last few weeks and really wanting to try something like this! Good luck in your journey. I will be excited to follow along if you try! Also, I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award. Head to my blog post to see what its about and I am now following you! Happy Blogging!

  4. Hi stopping by from the hop look forward to reading more of your posts.couch to 5k never heard of it i will have to look that up