Friday, January 13, 2012

Give The Gift of Vision for Valentine's Day!! (My first sponsored review)

Zenni Optical is a fantastic place to buy a Valentine's Day present for your loved ones, especially for the ones who have everything already and/or are very practical when it comes to wanting gifts.  I personally don't wear glasses, but if I did, I think I would really like to have more than one pair!  Knowing me, I'd want to coordinate my outfits with different glasses or I'd for sure lose a pair and need a back up.  However, I'm not one to go out and just buy extra things unless they are necessary so getting another pair of glasses as a gift would be great.  It's like jewelry for your eyes.  

Where else can you get $6.95 prescription eyeglasses?  Even if you aren't getting them as a Valentine's gift, check them out for yourself!  They have a wide variety with very affordable prices. You can also find a good variety of fun children’s glasses so if your child is needing glasses and is hesitant to get them or you really think an extra pair would be a good idea, then Zenni Optical is a great place to look. 

Hop on over to Zenni Optical to take a look and buy your special someone a pair of Valentine’s Day glasses!!  They will be impressed at the thought.  

Disclaimer: This was a paid review, while my opinions are true, I was compensated for creating this post.  


  1. Cute glasses! New follower from MBC, have a great weekend! You can find me at
    Stop by when you get the chance :)

  2. yes it is true! theses glasses are a great bargain! we all have them..defitinely worth looking into!

  3. Wow, beautiful glasses! The first pair is my favorite. Love the romantic cutout design in the temples. Searched Zenni Optical in Google and found many customers' satisfying experiences. As a glasses wearer, I think I should go there, maybe I can get a great pair at great price, lol~