Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Throwing Fits!

My 5 year old, Buddy, is a very dramatic boy.  He still throws temper tantrums (is this normal?) and it is getting OLD!  My 2 year old throws fewer tantrums than he does.  He is also at the age where he is learning to talk back-he's in kindergarten and I truly believe he is learning this from his friends.  I'm trying to stay calm but I've never done this before!  What is the best way to deal with a very stubborn, fit throwing boy?

A funny story though to go along with my rant....our current method of trying to deal with the fits is for him to have a rewards chart in his room.  One of the things he gets a sticker for every night is if he went the entire day without throwing a fit.  So the other day, he got angry at us because we had bought some appetizers for New Year's Eve and wouldn't let him have any for a snack that afternoon (saving it for our party that evening). So he stomped off to his room and slammed the door...however, he did not yell or scream.  I left him alone, a few minutes later he comes marching out and very boldly proclaimed, "I already put a sticker on my chart for not throwing a fit because I was just angry at you but I didn't throw a fit!"  Hmmm....he didn't yell and scream but he did slam a door, where do you draw the line? It was so funny how he said it so I let it slide and he remained calm the rest of the day.

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